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Dick's Sporting Goods Day

Dick’s would like to invite you to participate in an exclusive “20% off league appreciation” shopping experience.

During this event we will offer all participants 20% off cleats, equipment and apparel throughout the store.

DATE: Saturday – September 6, 2014

TIME: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

STORE: Dick’s Sporting Goods Bee Cave – 3921 Market Street Bee Cave, TX 78738 

20% Off Coupon Offer!

Every Season Starts at Dick's Sporting Goods


Be an Umpire

Youth umpires age 12 and up interested in being scheduled to umpire Pinto (and some Shetland) games should attend a mandatory one-man clinic on September 3rd from 7:30PM to 9:00PM on the Pinto field. This clinic is required regardless of previous experience.
Youth umpires age 14 and up interested in being scheduled to umpire Mustang games should attend a two-man clinic on September 6th from 9AM to 11AM on Mustang 1. This clinic is required for any umpire moving up from Pinto.
ALL MUSTANG umpires are required to attend a post training meeting on September 6th at 11AM on Mustang 1, regardless of whether or not they have attended the clinic.
Teen and adult umpires age 16 and up interested in being scheduled to umpire Bronco, Pony and Colt/Palomino games should attend a two-man clinic on September 6th at 2PM on Pony. 
ALL BRONCO, PONY & COLT/PALOMINO umpires should attend a meeting on September 6th at 3:30PM on Pony, regardless of whether or not they have attended the clinic.
All umpires will be responsible for a $25 fee (payable to Sherry Seely or Ralph Acosta dependent on league level), as well as an OHYSA umpire cap ($10 payable to OHYSA).

Ballpark Safety

 With practices in full swing and all fields occupied every night, please keep the following in mind: 

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited near dugouts, playing fields, bleachers or concession stands. Limit smoking to gravel parking lot areas.
  • With the exception of service animals, all pets are prohibited from the complex, regardless of species or age.
  • Dirt stockpiles throughout the complex are for field maintenance use only.  Please observe the posted Danger signs and do not allow your children to play in them.
  • Drive with caution and reduced speed within the complex. Children often walk across the roadways on their way to fields and cages and their safety is our first priority.
  • Park only in the gravel lots and obey all posted No Parking signs. No part of your vehicle should be blocking the roadway or driving portions of the lots. Do not park behind someone without their express prior consent.


Partly cloudy



Partly cloudy
Humidity: 90%
Wind: S at 5 mph
Partly cloudy
75°F / 96°F
AM Thunderstorms
75°F / 96°F
AM Thunderstorms
75°F / 95°F


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