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Friday September 25 - COMPLEX CLOSED

Due to the late afternoon storms that are passing through there is standing water on all fields as well as in cages, with frequent thunder and lightning.  For reference, our severe weather policy is as follows:

All activities will be halted and the Oak Hill Youth Sports Association Complex will be closed for at least 30 minutes when there is (1) a thunderstorm with claps of thunder, (2) a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is observed, or (3) if there is a tornado warning in the vicinity of the facility.
Players, coaches and spectators will be advised to seek shelter in a safe, fully enclosed building or a vehicle.  At no time should players remain in the dugouts during this 30 minute period.  The game will not be resumed until a full 30 minutes after (1) the last clap of thunder is heard, (2) the last bolt of lightning is seen, or (3) the tornado warning has been lifted. Participants will be signaled if/when it is determined to be safe to re-enter the Complex.

If field conditions allow, activities may resume at that time.  The umpire on each field will have sole discretion in determining the 30-minute period for each game, and he may not be overruled by the managers of the teams playing the game.  A Board Member and/or Commissioner on site may be consulted and shall have authority to suspend or resume all games on all fields.  

If the game cannot be resumed, it will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed at a later time.  


Blue Book Rules Changes

Changes to the OHYSA Blue Book are made annually. Submissions for modifications, replacements and inclusions are made at the October open Board Meeting. Any dues paying member of the Association may attend the meeting and submit proposed changes. Certain rules must be followed:

  • Only Association Members may submit rule changes
  • Submissions must be received in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  no later than 9/30/2015.
  • Include the page #, section & sub-section(s) #s, where your proposed modification or rule will be placed
  • Include the language of the existing (if any) rule and the proposed new language
  • Include any defense or explanation of your proposal as deemed necessary

Rules will be presented at the meeting. Submitters may attend and explain and/or answer questions. The Board will vote on submissions during the November closed Executive session meeting. 







Humidity: 34%
Wind: N at 0 mph
Mostly sunny
64°F / 88°F
Partly cloudy
67°F / 88°F
67°F / 91°F


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